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Applying to Medical School Resources

We have created a resource folder that will provide you with information on work experience, entry tests, how to write a personal statement, interview tips and general advice. To access this, please click on this link.

University Calculator

We have created a University Calculator to help you input your grades and specific preferences to help guide you on what universities to apply to. 

Go to University Calculator

We try to keep this information as accurate as possible but for the most accurate and up to date information, we advise you to verify all the information directly with university sources. For a more comprehensive breakdown, including information on GCSE requirements, Personal Statements, Widening Participation Grades and Scholarships, please click on this link

Choosing a University

Please use these flow charts to assist with decisions on university courses. Remember to create a strategy, which will prove helpful when making important decisions and writing your personal statement. Ask yourself the following questions:

1. What type of medical school do you want to go to? PBL/Integrated/Traditional

2. What type of entry test do you want to sit? UCAT or BMAT

3. What type of interview do you want to sit? MMI/Panel/Selection Day

4. Do you qualify for widening participation grades?


Priyanka Iyer.

Speciality: Medicine 

University: King’s College London

Current grade: Foundation Year 1

I studied medicine at King’s College London and have recently graduated (just 2 months ago!). I made the decision to  study medicine during the last few years of school as I really enjoyed my volunteering and work experience placements. Looking back at my 6 years at university, it has definitely come with its challenges, but I have learnt a lot and grown with every experience. I met some amazing patients, doctors and medical students who inspired and motivated me along the way! In the future, I hope to apply for training in obstetrics and gynaecology where I will be able to combine my passions for surgery and women’s health. 

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